Delicious Goat Meat.

Year Round Availability.

Happy Goats are Tasty Goats.

The Healthy Red Meat

Chevon, Cabritto, and Carribean
Goat meat is the most widely consumed meat in the world.  Goat meat is higher in protein than beef and has fewer calories than beef, pork, or skinless chicken.  With half the fat of beef and low in fat and cholesterol, goat is the healthy red meat.

We have an excellent selection of boer meat goats throughout the year.  You can purchase full goats live or processed. 
Live goats can be taken alive or sacrificed on-site. 

you need less than a full goat, please let us know.  Availability is based on timing and current restaurant demand.  Just call or e-mail us and we'll be glad to help you out.  (no partials currently available)

We have goats available all year, not just during the holiday seasons.  If you let us know a specific time you will need a goat or need goats on a regular basis we will have the supply for you.  

Almost all of our goats are fully organic.  Free range and hormone free.

Prices fluctuate based on the size, age, and availability (usually between $150 - $180 per goat.) 

We are have a few full goats currently available to take from the farm live.

For exact pricing or to tour the farm, please contact us at or call  1-740-341-0591. 






















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