Delicious Goat Meat.

Year Round Availability.

Happy Goats are Tasty Goats.

Welcome to Kraner Farms!

Kraner Farms has been in Central Ohio since the 1800s and we dont plan on going anywhere.  Weve built a strong herd of purebred boer goats and boer cross goats to consistently produce a steady supply of fresh, quality meat. 

While many goat farmers target only certain Ethnic holidays, we breed for availability year round.  You can now get fresh goat meat whenever you want it.  No more frozen meat, no more waiting for the holidays.  

You decide what you want.  You tell us the age and size.  Are you looking for Cabrito, Chevon, or Caribbean.  Do you prefer only grass fed goats?  Organic goat meat? We can provide you with whatever you need.  

If you would like to have a Halal slaughter - we can provide an area for that.

Many people have asked us why we name each of our goats. 

s simple. 

When something has a name, you take better care of it.  You make sure it stays healthy.  You make sure its fed properly.  You make sure it has plenty of water even if that means checking it three times a day in the winter.

Come see the farm.  Check out our large fenced fields for rotating our multiple herds.  We grow our own hay for winter feeding so we know exactly where all the food comes from and so do you.  Look at our insulated kidding areas that insure a steady supply.  Select the exact goat you want and inspect it on-site or tell us what youre looking for and well take care of everything.


And Remember – Goats are Tasty! 


Kraner Farms - Boer Goats - Marion, Ohio - Happy Goats are Tasty Goats!

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